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Concept Innovators C.D.C.,Inc.

An Innovative Approach To Improving Communities

Affordable Housing

Clean Energy

Urban Farming

Our Story

Knottingham Forest

The idea for Concept Innovators CDC, Inc. was conceived in 2011 when Jim Kee served on the Greensboro City Council. Jim saw the need for housing that offered a clean, safe, and affordable environment for citizens whose incomes were below the median incomes in Greensboro. Jim knows firsthand how the environment in which a person lives plays a major role in shaping their life. Not only does one’s housing affect our mental states, the food that we eat affects our mental and physical development and wellbeing.

Jim is President of Kee Development Corp and Executive Director of Concept Innovators, C.D.C., Inc. "CICDC".   Kee Development Corp was incorporated on April 3, 2002 and CICDC was incorporated on December 12, 2003.  After completion of 10 homes in Knottingham Forest and completing 4 consecutive years serving on the Greensboro City Council, Jim and his wife Talma focused their attention on establishing Concept Innovators C.D.C., Inc. as a 501c3 non-profit organization which was approved on September 24, 2015.

In 2004, Kee Development Corp began developing undeveloped land with road and infrastructure required to construct housing for Knottingham Forest community development project.  Phase I of the subdivision is completed with infrastructure, road, sidewalk and street lights.   In Phase I, of the 16 subdivided lots, 15 homes are complete with families residing in them.   The concept of Knottingham Forest was to create a mixed income mixed use housing development. The uniqueness of Knottingham Forest is that 96% of the houses have different floor plans and each house plan was chosen by the home buyer.




Incorporation of Kee Development Corp and Concept Innovators, CDC, Inc. 


Land Donation Recipient of 11.97 acres for future Veteran Housing Development.


Phase 1 
Ground Breaking for Knottingham Forest


Concept Innovators CDC Inc. 
Future Development
  • Apartments
  • Urban Farming
  • Farmers Market


Knottingham Forest inducted into the Greensboro National Congress.
Jim Kee served on the Greensboro City Council.
Concept Innovators, CDC gained its 501c3 status.
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